I was born in Germany and the first child of a US Air Force officer.  We never stayed anywhere very long (from 6 months in Cherry Hill, NJ and Ft Worth, TX to 2 years in the Azores and 3 years in Hawaii (that’s what I’m talking about!) and I ended up finishing high school at Friendly Sr. High in Oxon Hill, MD.  I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park and have been bound to the D.C. metro area since 1972.

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to travel to many international destinations and through the miracle of digital photography and the web I’ve can share with you a sampling of the sights that our family has been able to take in.

Amsterdam 2007

Charlie called me and and asked if I wanted to go to Amsterdam.  It was like F* Yeah!   Don and I and Charlie left at the very end of Q3 2007 (the end of my high end sales career, now that I look back on it) from Dulles International and transferred in Iceland to Amsterdam.   I can tell you that I had not had a wild weekend like that since I was in college.   The country and people were very beautiful, fun loving, and there was an eclectic atmosphere.  But that would only be part of it.  The architecture, the museums (go Van Gogh!), the flowers, the bars, the people and clubs are second to none.   Don and I enjoyed the finest martini ever, from the gods-honest #1 rated bartender on the planet, and saw the most magnificent sights you can see in and out of the ‘red lights’ over the course of the 3 days there.  If you ever get the chance – do it!   … and stop by ‘The Bulldog’ on your travels.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail 2008

In 2008 our great friends Charlie and Stephanie invited us to the Kentucky Derby. We took in a few stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail a couple of days before.   Here is the web albums from the bourbon trail.

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