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Amsterdam 2007 pics are up

I was thinking about good friends and I couldn’t help but think back to the trip that Charlie and Don and I took to Amsterdam at the end of August 2007.  It was a spur of the moment trip that was just ‘through the roof’ as far a good times go.   Thanks Charlie!

You can find the story here (near the top of the ‘places’ page):

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Mid-Ohio ALMS and IndyCar event is up

I the events sections I finally added the description and pictures from my trip with Chris to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car track in August. Take a look then come back and post a comment.

Here’s the link (it’s the first event on the page):

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My Brother Dave on Dennis Miller Radio

My brother Dave who is one of the preeminent Star Wars artist (particularly with oil on canvas – see his work at was on comedian/talk host Dennis Miller’s radio show last week. Follow the link below for a free replay of the wide ranging and entertaining interview.

Dave Dorman Interview |

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Gov’t Mule at the National Harbor – 7/30

Max and I headed down to the National Harbor for a Gov’t Mule show on July 30. A fabulous show (2.5 hours) as the sun set and it became a magical rock and roll night. We met a guy from Fredricksburg, VA (Bernie with the cool hawaiian shirt and hat) that had just seen them the night before at Innsbrook and these pics go out to him. There were at least six tapers at the show so grab a copy off eMule or and dig it.

Here are Max’s great pics. He did break general admission protocol and bust up front for some great close-ups. Thanks Max!!!

PS – ignore the date on the pictures. Max needs to learn how to set up his camera. LOL!

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Hey folks!   Welcome to my little corner of the web.  It’s place where you can take a peek into some of the things that get me up every morning.   Each of the sliding doors lead to a different aspect of my life – past or present.  I’d like to hear what you think and feel, so don’t be shy… post a comment and be heard.

For a little more personal info (and I mean very little) click here.

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