My nephew Chris made plans for the 2009 Mid-Ohio ALMS and IndyCar weekend in August.   He was kind enough to let me tag along with him.   We ordered weekend passes with the pit-pass option that put you right down on the grid before the races.  The track is like a state park with a race track running through it. Elevation changes abound.  Lot of fun to walk, with many mature trees in the infield.  Thunder valley was really fast and loud.  It was a wonderful weekend of racing – a little rain for Saturday’s ALMS race and sunny and hot for Sunday’s IndyCar event.   All in all, a great time and a track that every race fan should visit.Going fishing on the Chesapeake for rock fish when the season opens in April is fun. It’s double fun when you are invited to go with a true fishing (and technology) genius like John Lynch of EMC. Fernando and I went out on a rainy/windy (20 MPH) day in John’s 20ft. Grady White but still came away with a great keeper.

One of the biggest (if not the most well known) events in the collector car world is the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale AZ in January.   Vicky and I were there for the 2008 edition.

The Daytona 500 is a BIG event.   My niece Jessie and her husband Gary (who had the hookup) were kind enough to invite me to join Gary and his crew at the 2008 February Spectacle.

In 2008 our great friends Charlie and Stephanie invited us to the Kentucky Derby. We took in a few stops on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail a couple of days before. Here is a web albums from derby day.

One of the events that we look forward to (and fear) is the Herndon Council for the Arts beer booth at the annual Herndon Festival. Vicky runs the booth for 4 days including setup and tear down. Without her volunteers this would be a painful exercise, but because of the them it is always a ton of fun. Here’s a slide show from 2009 festival.

Another event Vicky runs for the Council for the Arts is the Taste of the Town. Here is a sample of this years event.

My best man Dave Sharp took advantage of the current CA laws and married his longtime partner George in October of 2008. It was wonderful couple of days and San Francisco was as beautiful as ever. The wedding took place on their property in the Castro.

The preperations and rehearsal dinner…

Their wedding day …

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