Jimi Hendrix – ‘Valleys of Neptune’ coming in March

Here’s the beautiful video just released for the forthcoming Jimi Hendrix release ‘Valleys of Neptune’. 40 years after his untimely exit from this plane of existence the master delivers his message of peace and love and places as yet unseen. Rock on Jimi! And while you are here, check out the pictures of Jimi’s final domestic show at the Honolulu International Center (8/1/70) on the music page. (please pardon the short Sony ad that precedes the video)

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  1. Hi Jeff – I came across your name when searching for information about a Jimi Hendrix Experience performance on February 28th, 1968 at a club called The Scene in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I sent an email to you, which I will copy to you below, which was returned as undeliverable to that email. Please take a moment to read it & let me know if it is you and you would extend some kindness to helping my friend Mark. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best – Jonathon

    Hi Jeff –

    I am wondering if you can help me.

    My dear friend Mark is a life long friend & music lover. I recently have been spending a lot of time with Mark because he is battling the effects of progressive MS. We were reminiscing about our most memorable performances that we have been lucky enough to experience in our lives & he mentioned that the one concert that stands heads above the rest for him is The Jimi Hendrix Experience show in February, 1968 at a club called The Scene in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    I have noted that you have this concert as one of the recording you have preserved in your collection. I would like to do something very special for my friend Mark to give him a lift in spirits and perhaps bring back some beautiful memories of experiencing The Experience. Is there any chance I can trade or procure a copy of these performances from The Scene from you to give to my friend Mark?

    I’m not certain what you would like in exchange or fair compensation. But please let me know what would be agreeable to you & let me know one way or another if we can arrange to help bring a little joy into my friend Mark’s life. I appreciate your time, kindness & consideration in regard to helping me fulfill this wish. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank You – Jonathon Leubner

    RE: Live in Milwaukee (A.T.M.004 / 1998 / 2CDR)
    (Milwaukee 28.02.68 [1st Show complete, 2nd Show almost complete]) Aud; 1st Gen

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